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We will appraise anything except real estate.

We are not experts in every field, but do have an in depth ability for related research and utilize a large reference library.  Appraisals are placed into three general classifications, or value “tiers”:

• Replacement value – actual cost to replace a given item;

• Fair market – used by IRS for charity donations; legal proceedings, i.e., probate and dissolutions;

• Liquidation – for immediate, “everything must go” sales, often court ordered, or – time constrained, such as a probated estate sale or estate down sizing. We are qualified in making valuations in all above instances.

Our fees are reasonable: $95 per hour, plus travel time, with a minimum one hour on site. Half time ($47.50 per hour) for report preparation/research


Do you know what “IT” is worth? Over the years in the retail business we have found that most people don’t; particularly, the elderly or those saddled with probating a relative’s estate, or those who have lived all their lives with “that old thing that’s been hanging on the wall as long as I remember".

We have put together an event we call “Treasure Hunt” to give folks the opportunity to bring their articles to us for discussion and valuation.

Our “Treasure Hunts” are held at corporations, retirement communities, large parties, charity events, and various Washington cities Senior Activities Centers. It’s fun – a social and educational event, a very much needed service, and a great fund raiser. Many fascinating, and valuable, items appear at the events. Fee structure: Call.

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